Friday, November 25, 2011

Dream ‘Outta Of This World’ Holiday

“Brrrring.....” screamed the alarm. I tried to ignore it . I wanted to stay in my dream.
My Dream ‘Outta Of This World’ Holiday was to Saturn.

I got there on my flying dragon it took me 3 years but it felt like 3Min's . I had to use tube many times on the ride there.

WOW as leap of my dragon , both of my feet landing on the surfaces . AS a joke I said we come in peace and everyone laugh but i was the only one there. Jumping on rock to rock , seeing all the life from on Saturn.

“Hi there dear earthling” as a wired pink alien said to me. “ What are you doing on our planet ?
I’m just on a holiday . I love your planet so much , I want to live here because It’s the most spectator planet I have seen.

They only had 6 hours in there hold day so i couldn't do anything bed watch some of there sports.
There sports name was , Opps, Loops, High five, and many more.

"Time to leave" as i said to them.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day And Night

This is my Presentation about day and night

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Next World Chamipons

For the past few weeks we have been going to a instructor to teach us how to play tennis.
There are lots of rules to play this game. Many people play this sport all over the world.

As room19 went forth to the netball courts waiting , woundering , what we were going to do today.
The imstructor (Marcelle) greeted us , we all went stright for the tennis racquet.Everyone had to pick a partener so I pick my bestfriend Jordan.

We had to do our warm up's. It was easy just hitting the ball on the ground , "I didnt even break a sweat". Then it got harder but I was up for the challenge."Hitting the ball on the racquet on its side was hard".

Tournmanet time ,Joe,Racheal,Tyler an I was on one team and on the opposite team was. Tamtai , Jordan , Unalota , april .

Gosh as I said loud. We lost our 1st match so we had to move down. Next game, wack , wack the tennis ball going up and down the netball court. Tyler and I was laughing. We won we said , but The other team was saying the won. "No we won" , No we won as the other team said to the instructor. I thought was cool and funny but I was worng. He thought we were lieing but we were't. We were so mad.

At the end of the day I was dissappointed but we had a fun day But hopfully the weather wood be good.

Monday, October 31, 2011


This is our Mnemonic about what we have been studying over the first couple of days we've been at school. 'Outta This World' that's the theme we are learning about for our last term here at Pt England, the team of Jordan, Sione and Cruz have been finding out information about how the process of day and night work.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


This whole term we have been studying different countries in the World Cup.
We had to pursue the study of France .

“Welcome everybody to ‘Do You Know France! Lets meet our contestants. Our first contestant is Pierre Jean from Nantes, The first question, “What is the caption city of France”?Ding, “Yes Pierre” Said Cruz , “The answers is Paris” He said”Next question asked Cruz, ;Wee ,Wee said Sir Pierre What is the most seen place in France “? asked Cruz “It would be the Eiffel tower”.“what does the main playing strip look like for he french team?"
“There playing strip is Black and Blue”

Do you know whats has been France Previous RWC record ?
Yes I do , Rugby was created in France in the 19th century by William Webb Ellis.
France has not won the Rugby World Cup yet but they have made it to the grand finals two times.

“Who is one of there key players “?
“His name is Dimitri Yachvili “

“Now it’s time for some true or false questions. France won the world cup in 1987.” queried Cruz
“False,” Pierre replied nonchalantly.
“Good,” said Cruz, “Pizza is a local delicacy”
“False it is not,” declared Pierre confidently.
“The French Revolution was an unimportant historical event.“
“False, it was a major event during which many people died to overthrow the monarchy.
The Gauls was the first people to discover France ?"
“Yes of course there were”
“Bastile day is the biggest celebrations ever ?”
“No its just one of there many celebrations “?
Thank you to Jordan for editing my blog post

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where The Heck Is ?

Different Auckland town centres have adopted Rugby teams from countries that qualified for the World Cup.
I found out information about : Mangere Bridge
The location in Auckland; In Mangere
Something special about this place;
A 'potted' history of the place; Mangere Bridge is very important to the community.
If it has it's own symbol of some sort.
we chose a picture that told more about the place

“Where The Heck Is Mangere Bridge?”

Two minutes drive from the airport hotels and motels takes you to our very own typical New Zealand. it is located in the south side.

Mangere Bridge Village is renowned as a friendly, yet “real” taste of Kiwiana, and is a great way to acclimatize to New Zealand culture. The area is steeped in history and has a rich cultural heritage stemming from Maori settlement in the early 1800’s through to a vibrant Chinese market gardening community and European settlement.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

We are using the nations of the 2011 Rugby World Cup as our inquiry path.

For this unit we are in one of four teams: Brumbies, Force, Rebels, Stormers. My team is Brumbies will be a number of tasks for us to navigate to achieve our goal of an excellent result in this unit. There are a mixture of individual and team tasks to be completed. The main task that will show our learning in this unit will be a Hyperstudio presentation about one of the countries in the World Cup competition.

I'm really excited about the world cup and how much it would bring people from around the world together.