Friday, March 25, 2011

“Rock Up” was my best activity at camp. There was new and exciting activities to explore. They were lots up for garbs there were chocolate and fizzes drinks and everyone wanted it. The activities I wanted to do most was the Rock Climbing.

The Dunker was a cool and refreshing activity that cool you off if someone hits the Target . Rock climbing was here and I thought that I was going to do it blind folded I wish didn't do it but it was worth 5 points so I had to do it. It was hard and it was pitch black too. I couldn't see any thing I had to yous my senses. Higher and Higher I went up the rock wall every saying left,right if that wasn't hard enough.

I made it everyone was cheering I was so happy

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Warriors vs West tigers What a Game

Go the mighty Warriors I yelled I was cheering for my favorite Nrl team. The west Tiger almost getting a try. Closer and closer the West Tiger getting near the Warriors try lane. The Warriors just got rob for a try.

First try of the game went to the West Tigers just getting there but the warriors came back with the caption Simon Mannering getting the first try for his team. First half has gone pass the score is 6 all and both team need to win.

2nd half West Tigers getting try after try make it 6-12 to the West Tigers. The Warriors was letting the West Tigers run over the top of then. They need a try and they got it runny hard and fast throw the West Tigers players getting a good try.

20-12 to the West Tigers

David Tua vs Demetrice King Backyard Brawl

I couldn't wait until the main event there were many boxing matches but that made me jump up and down more. Here it was Tua vs King. Ding, ding, ding, round 1. David is picking up his speed in his punching but Demetrice King holding his ground. David and Demetrice had great hard punching, you can really see it.

David Tua won the first two rounds, but Demetrice King came back with some jabs to the head. David Tua got faster every time. They both wanted to win by KO but they both wouldn't let each other do so. Demetrice King tried to sneak in some good jabs but Davita would not give up.

WOW! great combinations by Tua, it looked like Demetrice King was going to get knocked out but some how he could take what even David could dish out.