Friday, June 26, 2009

Extinction of my dinosaur

This is my dinosaur and it weights about 12 tons and it lived in North America.
This is what I think about what happened to the Dinosaur and most of the people who were alive at the time . Can you guest what my dinosaur ate before it died? and what is it name.
I use the based of making a movie like working in Hyper studio 5 then you think what kind of dinosaur then you start by choosing 2 or more background. Then you think about what your topic about what happen or what you think and chunk it in a iMovie and you are done.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dino day

Today we had a school day but it was not a normal day, it was a cool day - no it wasn't a cool day, it was a Dino day. Yes it was a Dino-rific day we got to go into groups not a room groups or table it was letters day! Everyone got into alphabetical order and went off. We had to go to Room12.
I didn't know what we had to do. Guess what- we had to dance. And for our warm up we had to do jump jam because its easier for the little kids. We had to do three jump jam songs and Miss Walters took the girls into one room and Ms Garden stayed with us. We had most of the juniors but it was OK. Ms Garden told us to get in 4 rows and there were 4 leaders up front who were us seniors.

Then we had to learn some moves. It's funny because Ms Garden taught us some crazy moves and she also told us a little story which comes with the moves. Then when we all finished the boys watched the girls and the girls watched us. The girls dances were so funny and good at the same time. But it wasn't fair because they had most of the seniors. Ms Garden told us to have fun and we did.  Some of the girls laughed but we had lots of fun and that is all that matters. So keep dancing.