Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Athletics

Every year we hold Athletics day for the whole school. We try to find the top athletics for 2010 to compete in the inter zone Athletics. There are many events for Athletics day like high jump,shot put,softball throw,discus,Javelin,and the 100m and 75m sprints.

I felt like I had a chance with the new sport Javelin because no one had practise for this sport and it look really easy. There was six spots and I wanted to be one of them. I sat and watch every person after person had there turn. I was last but some how my mates pushed me before them. I threw it and the wind blew through hair it felt real good. I came 4th “YaY” I said, but there were two left. Zane threw it and it went to 3rd place. I got pushed to 5th place and there was one person left. Moses step up to the mark and threw the Javelin which had won him 5th place. Sadly I got knocked out of the top 6.

High jump I was hoping that I would get in to the top 3. There was lots of competition but I still gave it a go. I miss the first one but I had one more chance I tried my best and … I made it yay. I jump up and down. I made it in the top 7 and I lost. NOOO I said but it was OK at least I tried my best and gave it a go..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I love my new Netbooks its so cool you can go online and chat to my class mates.
Its a portable laptop and we are the only school in are cluster that has them. we
are just piloting it for the next four weeks and this we be fun.

Here is a photo that I took from my Netbook.