Monday, October 31, 2011


This is our Mnemonic about what we have been studying over the first couple of days we've been at school. 'Outta This World' that's the theme we are learning about for our last term here at Pt England, the team of Jordan, Sione and Cruz have been finding out information about how the process of day and night work.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


This whole term we have been studying different countries in the World Cup.
We had to pursue the study of France .

“Welcome everybody to ‘Do You Know France! Lets meet our contestants. Our first contestant is Pierre Jean from Nantes, The first question, “What is the caption city of France”?Ding, “Yes Pierre” Said Cruz , “The answers is Paris” He said”Next question asked Cruz, ;Wee ,Wee said Sir Pierre What is the most seen place in France “? asked Cruz “It would be the Eiffel tower”.“what does the main playing strip look like for he french team?"
“There playing strip is Black and Blue”

Do you know whats has been France Previous RWC record ?
Yes I do , Rugby was created in France in the 19th century by William Webb Ellis.
France has not won the Rugby World Cup yet but they have made it to the grand finals two times.

“Who is one of there key players “?
“His name is Dimitri Yachvili “

“Now it’s time for some true or false questions. France won the world cup in 1987.” queried Cruz
“False,” Pierre replied nonchalantly.
“Good,” said Cruz, “Pizza is a local delicacy”
“False it is not,” declared Pierre confidently.
“The French Revolution was an unimportant historical event.“
“False, it was a major event during which many people died to overthrow the monarchy.
The Gauls was the first people to discover France ?"
“Yes of course there were”
“Bastile day is the biggest celebrations ever ?”
“No its just one of there many celebrations “?
Thank you to Jordan for editing my blog post