Thursday, February 11, 2010

The best trip

Wow that was my best time ever in Australia!! This was my first time in the Gold Coast Australia and I got to get away from my mum and dad too. The reason I went to the Gold Coast was not to get away from my parents but to see my uncle, auntie and my cousin. I was so happy when I got of the plane I was so relieved that I got to stand up after that long plane ride . When I saw my cousin he walk straight past me but when I yelled out Leari!! he ran to me and gave me a big hug and my auntie give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek too.

On the car ride back home my auntie told us what was in Australia and and gave us a few safety tips, for example these snakes (called "Hunters") that only came out at night would come and bite you so you would have to make a lot of noise to scare it away.

After a good night sleep we went out to our first amusement park and it was the famous "Movie World". We were so excited that we couldn't wait but there was a long line so we had to wait. When I got inside my jaw just dropped because I was so amazed at how fun-looking and huge the rides were. My favouite ride was the ride called "Lethal Weapon", you hang from a Harness and your legs dangle from a moster like roller coaster. That was a fun day!!!!

I had so much fun (in Australia) that the time I had spent there felt too short!! I miss my family in Australia a lot!!