Friday, November 25, 2011

Dream ‘Outta Of This World’ Holiday

“Brrrring.....” screamed the alarm. I tried to ignore it . I wanted to stay in my dream.
My Dream ‘Outta Of This World’ Holiday was to Saturn.

I got there on my flying dragon it took me 3 years but it felt like 3Min's . I had to use tube many times on the ride there.

WOW as leap of my dragon , both of my feet landing on the surfaces . AS a joke I said we come in peace and everyone laugh but i was the only one there. Jumping on rock to rock , seeing all the life from on Saturn.

“Hi there dear earthling” as a wired pink alien said to me. “ What are you doing on our planet ?
I’m just on a holiday . I love your planet so much , I want to live here because It’s the most spectator planet I have seen.

They only had 6 hours in there hold day so i couldn't do anything bed watch some of there sports.
There sports name was , Opps, Loops, High five, and many more.

"Time to leave" as i said to them.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Cruz,

    A Dragon to get to Saturn, what an interesting way to fly! I'd love to hear how to play Opps or Loops.

    You might want to look at editing for sense when you go through your work, but you have such an interesting plot :)

    Have fun and keep writing :)