Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Next World Chamipons

For the past few weeks we have been going to a instructor to teach us how to play tennis.
There are lots of rules to play this game. Many people play this sport all over the world.

As room19 went forth to the netball courts waiting , woundering , what we were going to do today.
The imstructor (Marcelle) greeted us , we all went stright for the tennis racquet.Everyone had to pick a partener so I pick my bestfriend Jordan.

We had to do our warm up's. It was easy just hitting the ball on the ground , "I didnt even break a sweat". Then it got harder but I was up for the challenge."Hitting the ball on the racquet on its side was hard".

Tournmanet time ,Joe,Racheal,Tyler an I was on one team and on the opposite team was. Tamtai , Jordan , Unalota , april .

Gosh as I said loud. We lost our 1st match so we had to move down. Next game, wack , wack the tennis ball going up and down the netball court. Tyler and I was laughing. We won we said , but The other team was saying the won. "No we won" , No we won as the other team said to the instructor. I thought was cool and funny but I was worng. He thought we were lieing but we were't. We were so mad.

At the end of the day I was dissappointed but we had a fun day But hopfully the weather wood be good.

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